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Edupoint Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. established in March 2006, is a high-tech corporation specializing in developing and marketing electronic dictionary, digital learning tools and other electronic educational high-tech products.

Our Mission

our mission


        The “Edupoint” derived from the acronym of “Encyclopedia of Education” in Chinese, with coincidence that the word “point” is a homophone of dictionary in Chinese. It was translated in that way for it corresponded with the company’s aim - tap on screen, knowledge is accessible.

Company History

Year 2006
MAR   Edupoint Technology was officially established.
MAY   Edupoint obtained copyrights of KBSR reference books, exercise books and UPSR examination model papers as well from Tunas Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
AUG   Electronic dictionary MA882 which includes trilingual dictionaries and pronunciations was introduced.
OCT   Edupoint proudly obtained authorization for the copyrights of “The Concise Oxford Dictionary (Ninth Edition)” authorized by The Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.
Year 2007
MAR   The first model contain “The concise Oxford Eng-Chi Dictionary (Ninth edition)” electronic dictionary - MA6200 was introduced to the market.
JUN   Edupoint obtained authorization for the copyrights of PMR &SPM examination model paper from Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
OCT   Edupoint obtained the copyrights of “The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (Chi-Eng Edition)” authorized by Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press.
NOV   The Edupoint’s first colour-screen electronic dictionary, the MA7100 was available in the market. It was also the first electronic dictionary in the market to integrate local syllabus reference books.
Year 2008
JUN   The number of Edupoint branches increased to 20 and more than 200 dealers throughout Malaysia. Edupoint kept gaining solid reputation in the electronic dictionary industry.
JUL   Proudly gained The Asia Pacific Excellence Brand from Global Business Magazine.
NOV   Signed contract with Fudan Press for the copyrights of the “China Scholar’s Classical Chinese Dictionary”.
Year 2009
JAN   Signed contract with Sinolingua Press for the copyrights of “Chi-Eng-Fra-Jap-Rus Basic Volcabulary Comparison Dictionary”.
MAR   The successful launch of the MA7200, Edupoint’s second colour-screen electronic dictionary, signified a historical second development phase of Edupoint.
MAY   Obtained authorization for the copyrights of “Kamus Dewan” authorized by DBP.
AUG   Set up Research & Development Department, start to develop own learning module.
Year 2010
MAY   The first student computer T5 which contain a few types of learning modules was introduced to the market.
Year 2011
JAN   The learning machine E1 with gravity sensor, rotating interface and touch screen function was introduced to the market.
JUL   The first Fascinating Dictionary-EM2 was launched.
NOV   Student computer T8 with IQ and EQ learning modules was launched.
Year 2013
MAR   Reorganization of the company, from point-of-sales service to point-to-point service.
JUN   Started to walk into the school, hold the science and technology education exhibition in nationwide primary schools, to introduce the perspective of the development trend of global educational informationization to teachers, students and parents.
Year 2014
FEB   Grand introduced the MA6300, an electronic dictionary with powerful line-up of Oxford dictionaries.
APR   Reached the agreement with High Achiever Edu Publishing Sdn. Bhd., to produce courseware based on the TRIO Series KSSR reference books and exercises for year 1-6.
Year 2015
JAN   Grand introduction of U28M, the first Student Tablet in Malaysia, a student tablet with KSSR curriculum’s learning module built-in.
Year 2016
AUG   Reached the preliminary consensus with the China’s developer to open up the path of Intelligent Teaching and bring the Malaysia’s Chinese Language Education to a whole new era of educational informationization.
DEC   The Intelligent Teaching has been launched in Edupoint headquarters. Started to merge with the IT and teaching resources of China, and developing the Intellligent Teaching’s courseware for Malaysian students according to the KSSR curriculum.
Year 2017
JUN   The second generation of Student Tablet - U16M has been introduced to the market.
SEP   Organized an exchange tour for the members of KKGGBM to visit one of the prominent Intelligent Teaching Schools, the PaoTongShu Primary School in ChengDu, China, for an in-depth insight into the facilities and the real situation in the Intelligent Teaching Class. In the meantime, exchanged and learned from each other on the development trend of educational informationization.
Year 2018
JULY   Relocation of Edupoint’s headquarters, a new journey has begun to breakthrough new splendours.
AUG   The Intelligent Teaching has been started up in Northern Malaysia, where the Intelligent Teaching Class was introduced on a free-trial basis at SJKC Li Hwa in Butterworth, Penang.
Year 2019
JANUARY   SJKC Union became the second primary school to use Intelligent Teaching Class to give lessons. Edupoint co-organized "Edupoint Dictation Contest" with schools nationwide. Year 2020
DECEMBER   Grandly launched the new U27M, 10.1 inch high-definition student tablet. During the pandemic, we responded to the "stop schools but stay studying" campaign, and created green and safe online classes for users, and exclusively supported Google Classroom and Google Zoom nationwide. Let students go green and safe online, and enjoy the high-quality learning resources in this smart learning era.

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